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1 Day tour Martvili canyon, Waterfalls of Kinchkha

After breakfast departure to Kutaisi. Visit one of the unique natural attractions of Georgia – Martvili canyon. Over millions of years, the water has created breathtaking gorgein in limestone rocks, reaching a depth of 40 meters, at the bottom of which actually the river flows. The total length of the canyon is one kilometer available to reach.

In the upper part of the canyon, you can take a boat trip and reach the very beginning with 7 meter high powerful waterfall. Due to the extremely humid microclimate there are lianas hanging from the huge rocks and centuries-old walls are covered with moss. Here and there water pulls out from the rocky wall forming small streams and pretty powerfull waterfalls.

The Okatse river originates in the wild and incredibly beautiful Askhi plateau, 2200 meters above the sea level. It is born deep inside the rocks. The river’s way down lies through the two canyons. There are high sheer cliffs right beside this settlement. Tourists come here to see the “twin” waterfalls. One of them falls from the height of about 100 meters and creates a nice lake with the light blue clear water. The bottom of this lake is full of white stones.

The other waterfall is a bit lower and creates rapids down at the base of the cliff. This stunning view is definitely well worth seeing.

In the evening return to Tbilisi.